Starboard and Airush to Launch 2015 Collections for South Africa in November!

Solar Station design is proud to present the official launch of the 2015 collections for international watersports brands Starboard Surf, Starboard Apparel and Airush Kiteboarding in South Africa at the beginning of November.

The launch party will be an open event scheduled for 7pm till late on Thursday 6 November at ‘Yours Truly’ which is located at 175 Kloof Street, Cape Town.

All water sports personalities who surf, stand-up-paddle, windsurf and kiteboard (or do all of them!) will be welcome at this unique social gathering of waterman where Starboard and Airush’s commitment to watersports fanatics around the world will be showcased.

Alongside the exciting new collections on display, two-time ISA World Longboard Champion, Matthew Moir, and three-time SA Champ and current World Kiteboarding Slalom Vice World Champion, Oswald Smith, will be on-hand to provide insight into their involvement with the different brands.

Space is limited so be sure to get there early to enjoy the complimentary drinks and snacks, great giveaways and share the stoke with fellow watermen from different disciplines while soaking up the video visuals on what the two original brands represent.


About Starboard:

Wind, paddle or wave power: Starboard is the World-leading natural watersports brand covering Windsurfing, SUP, Surf, Water and Lifestyle Wear. Across these sports, Starboard sets the trend with innovative board shapes and technology, and a reputation for performance backed by the most successful team of professional watermen, known as the Starboard Dream Team.

About Airush Kiteboarding:

Airush Kiteboarding delivers the best performing products in the industry. Created with World Champions and expert designers for innovation and quality.  Airush strives to build the most enjoyable experience behind a kite.

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muiz fest banner

To showcase how a community makes waves of a different kind – Muizenberg will be celebrating from 5 to 12 Oct, showing that there is much more to Muizenberg than meets the eye. We invite you to come join us for a magical week this October!

The street festivals in Palmer Road, in 2008 and 2010, lead to a vastly up-scaled Muizenberg Festival 2014. The festival incorporates several venues, with the Muizenberg Pavilion being the focus on the weekend of the 11th Muizenberg Festival 2014 is an official World Design Capital project (#WDC244). The project has been recognized by its consistent work and won the 6th successfully crowd-funded, on Thundafund.

The week long event consists of music concerts, workshops, expos, and exhibitions. These items represent the celebration and co-creation of community creativity and local resources. Many of these projects are expressive of the World Design Capital’s transformative approach to design.

Ensuring sustainability of this celebratory model to local economic development, the Muizenberg Festival is set to become an annual event. The initiative will grow in partnerships and participation, spearheading community-led development in the area.

The program includes attractions for all, no matter the age or inclination. Some highlights include a two day free music concert, an arts & design expo, community sports tournaments, and creative arts workshops. See our attached program for more information and 12th WDC pitching session in June. The festival was also


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Festival offices: at 36 Palmer Road, Muizeneberg


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Well, hi there…


The best way to introduce our design company is to look at our design processes and what we like to do differently.

We don’t simply design the product and then sit back and see how the client manages to market it. We integrate ourselves into the brands we are working on, taking a long-term view on developing the brand by creating category-leading products, great marketing and an incredible customer experience. We consider the three pillars of our company to be creativity, technology and simplicity.


We believe there are two key paths forward in design. Evolution, where we look at the weaknesses of the current design and evolve those, or Revolution where we set out to question everything and take a completely new direction.

Both of these require the same high level of creativity and critical thinking to achieve great design. This is not just about product design or graphic design, these two aspects form a perfect symbiotic relationship, which both need to be as flawless as possible for the key customer group, at that moment.

The core of the product design process is to consider where that product, way of use (style) or category will be in 10 years (The problem it will solve) and work out the best way to get there first. As you dig down into this, you need to look at developing a hypothesis and then set out to prove it (or disprove it) to move the product forward.

On one hand, we believe in market research, customer feedback and focus groups to make sure we are giving the customer what they want while addressing any known weaknesses. On the other hand, the real magic is to give the customer what they didn’t know they wanted.

This can be pretty theoretical and somewhat boring stuff, and while we have often been labeled as a bit of an Avante Garde company, our focus is always on bringing a well thought out, unique product, based on great design and solid business principles to the market. We just tend to see things a little more broadly than others and that is really the result of always questioning everything in our pursuit of progress.


Our principle on simplicity is best summed up by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the French Aviator/Author who said, “It seems that perfection is attained not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to remove.”


In essence, we are a technology company. Technology is essentially the catalyst for progress, even if you are designing a T- Shirt. There are new blends of materials every year, more environmentally friendly processes and even new ways of getting the artwork onto the fabric that change the way you design. Of course, when you take this concept to more complex or technical products the role of technology becomes increasingly clearer.

This philosophy also stems from the way technology companies have to rethink everything. From the absolute design fundamental, to the manufacture process and supply chain, constantly evolving or running the risk of falling behind.


The final piece for me is our people. The product that we are the most passionate about is the development of the organization, and is doing so, building a launch-pad for people to do great things. Ultimately, a brand is simply the sum of all of the people involved, and this is central to how we move forward.



Clinton Filen (Director)